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Image Optimizer image processing and compression
Image OptimizerEnhance and optimize your site, get more page views and save costs by creating smaller faster JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs with Image Optimizer. Includes MagiCompress technology that can halve the size of images automatically. Also includes Resize, Watermark, Crop, Scan, E-Mail, Batch Wizard. Professional Edition adds Enhancement, Color Correction, Image Clean and Focus tools. See how it works with the Flash tutorial. Version 5.10.


xatshow SlideSho and ScreenSaver maker
xatshowConvert your photos to PC, Web or TV slideshows and screensavers. xatshow makes the worlds smallest single .EXE files that work as both slideshow and screensaver, ideal for email and download. You can also make TV slideshows for your DVD or digital camera. Version 8.01.


JPEG Optimizer
JPEG OptimizerSmaller faster JPEG images with the original JPEG Optimizer. Speed up your web site and save bandwidth. MagiCompress Jpeg Compression technology makes images up to 50% smaller automatically. Version 3.15.


JPEG Disk Optimizer JPEG Disk OptimizerBatch, Resize, Watermark, Thumbnail, Index and Optimize with JPEG Disk Optimizer
Speed up a whole web site. Save $10,000s in reduced bandwidth charges and reduce server loads. Easily driven from other programs or scripting languages. Unix versions available. Version 4.00. For Unix downloads click here.



All options for downloading products are available here. Click on a button Image Optimizer by http (USA) to the right of the product you want to download.

Size Http FTP
Image Optimizer
(including Professional Edition)
1041K Image Optimizer by http (USA) Image Optimizer by ftp (USA)
(Screen saver and slide show maker)
2500K xatshow by http (USA) xatshow by ftp (USA)
JPEG Optimizer 1.37M JPEG Optimizer by http (USA) JPEG Optimizer by ftp (USA)
JPEG Disk Optimizer
For Unix downloads click here.
281K JPEG Disk Optimizer by http (USA) JPEG Disk Optimizer by ftp (USA)

None of our software contains „Spyware“ or „Adware“. You can use either FTP or HTTP. FTP has the advantage that you may be able to resume your download if it gets interrupted halfway. HTTP may be useful if our FTP server is too busy or you cannot use FTP through your firewall.

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